Lipoprotein particles 

Lipoprotein particles are the carrier particles for lipids in the bloodstream. Chylomicrons transport ingested triglycerides from the small intestine to other tissues. In the results provided by the canine NMR platform, chylomicrons are incorporated into the XL-VLDL measures. VLDL particles are the major triglyceride transport particles, formed by the liver and transporting triglycerides into tissues. HDL and LDL, on the other hand, are the major cholesterol-carrying particles. Both are formed by the liver, but where LDL carries cholesterol into tissues, HDL carries cholesterol out of tissues to the liver. The predominant lipoprotein particle sizes and compositions can be altered in several pathophysiological states. For example, during hypercholesterolemia in dogs, cholesterol is packed into HDL particles, resulting in very large, cholesterol-rich HDL particles.